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Xtreme Combo - Spray Gun

Iwata LPH 400 LV X
The Finest Base Coat Gun on the Market

#1 Automotive Spray Equipment, yes over German Guns.

LVX is a specialty spray gun designed to spray today's difficult base coats, especially metallic base coats found on most hi-end cars. The LVX is the base coat gun of choice as it has a traditional HVLP spray gun feel and does exceptionally well with metallics. The LVB or Purple is an even more sophisticated metallic gun but has an extreme 14" fan pattern that makes it more of a second weapon you should own once you have the orange air cap or if you already own a base gun you are happy with. The LVX can also shoot clears, however the Silver air cap found on the LV is better suited for this purpose. Remember also, that for the person who wants 2 guns - base and clear. Iwata also has an R-P clear gun or reduced pressure clear gun which is a compliant spray gun that bests the German R-P spray Gun that many painters "think" is the best on the market. We prefer the 1.3.

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SUPER SALE Spray Gun w/ SGW 1 Liter Aluminum Cup $478.00
Iwata LVLP

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· Gravity-feed design provides for easy clean up, ultimate reliability and superior atomization.

· Gravity-feed cups also ensure 100% material usage and can function with only a thimble full of paint

· Iwata is known in the artist community and produces fine automotive refinishing guns. Iwata has also become a favorite among muralists and fine artist.

· Especially suited for clear-coating

· Spray patterns up to 11"-12" (30 cm), Base coats 9" at 16-24psi

• Stainless Steel Paint Passage
• Replaceable Teflon™ Needle Packing
• Pre-Set Needle Adjustment
• Air Pressure Adjustment
• Fan Pattern Adjustment
• Catridge-Style Air Valve Set
• Round to Long Fan Pattern Air Cap

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