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NO RISK GUARANTEE INDUSTRY - CAT is so confident that their their PANTHER LINE is one of the finest industrial coating guns on the market that if you are not satisfied you can mail it back via UPS or Federal Express for a refund of the purchase price less shipping charges and a handling fee ($20.00 for gun). Please contact customer service for return address and return authorization number. Customer is responsible to return item to warehouse at customer's expense. Offer good for 21 days from purchase date on invoice.


CAT - Panther HVLP Spray Gun
These guns feature self-adjusting needle packings, inexpensive nozzle replacement and rugged construction. Both have all stainless steel fluid passages and Teflon anodized bodies and air caps. All sizes available Email from .8mm - 2.2mm.

1) All Stainless Steel Lifetime Warranty
2) Great USA made and USA support
3) Teflon coated for easy cleanup i.e. non stick coating
4) Hardest 17/4PH Stainless Steel parts - the strongest you can purchase without going to expensive carbide
5) Inexpensive part 50% savings over American counter parts over 100% savings over German Spray Equipment

The P-HVLP from C.A.T. is a rugged, general purpose HVLP air spray gun designed for harsh environments spraying today's most common materials.

Teflon coated for easy cleanup (avail without) - USA Made Patented 2 piece, hardened 17.4 stainless fluid nozzle design. Up to 5 times the life of standard nozzles
Your Cost ON SPECIAL! $320.00

Nozzle Size



• PANTHER 200Z HVLP (Zinc Rich)
The P200Z from C.A.T. is a rugged, general purpose conventional air spray gun designed for spraying zinc-rich coatings. Our zinc-rich gun has a Delrin tipped fluid nozzle to prevent plating and a unique leather / Teflon packing arrangement that increases your spraying time before the gun needs to be cleaned. The body and air cap are Teflon anodized to aid in clean-up and extend the life of the gun. This gun comes standard with air-adjusting valve, stainless steel fluid passages and heavy-duty needle return spring.

Standard nozzle setup2.2Z

Your Cost: ON SPECIAL!


• 200C HVLP (Corrosion Control)
General purpose conventional air spray gun for the corrosion control market. Designed for spraying in harsh environments, this gun has the breakup power to atomize heavy high solid coatings.

P200C standard nozzle setup2.2

Your Cost: ON SPECIAL!

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