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Compare a Typical Spray Gun with a 10-12" pattern with
an Industrial New Conventional.



If you use Conventional Equipment are are in the market for new guns, why not bring the latest technologies to your shop. Still fooling with guns designed in 90 or 2001? Get Modern and give your bottom line a lift and maybe get a raise from your boss!

What are the New Conventionals?

These are NOT HVLP or LVLP guns but these guns are durable drop forged, have the full power of conventional equipment and can handle strong inlet PSI and produce up to a solid 16" fan pattern (fan pattern variable to any size).

What do these new conventional guns do?

SAVE MATERIAL! Save 30%-40% of your material with less overspray

SAVE MONEY! Save over 100% power consumption and compressor power. Consuming 6-9 CFM vs 14-24cfm from standard Binks or Devilbiss Guns.

Newest designs create a Finer Finish quality over most conventional guns on the market.

Take a look at our video example
** Please note 2nd blue gun is a new conventional vs. first gun a typical HVLP**

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