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Mobile Painting?
Super Low Overspray. Small Compressors, Superior Finish!

New! 3oz Rule
The EPA now requires you use a 3oz cup when spraying outside. (local rules may vary- please contact your local rules for specifics.)

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Mobile painters are limited by mobility and want low overspray and higher material delivery due to a lack of a spray booth. Often Sales people try to sell HVLP Turbine Units as a compromise to gain portability. This compromise is no longer necessary as true full powered compressor HVLP guns now consume less CFM and are the way to go.

QuestionWhat size compressor do I need? Can I use a portable compressor? Can it run off a 120 standard outlet?

We suggest you get a 30-50 lbs portable compressor that puts out 3-4 CFM @ 40psi. These usually run about $200.00 for a good name brand unit. Some look like scuba twin tanks. These units run off of standard house outlets.

QuestionI heard that filtration is a problem with spray guns?

Yes, UNLESS you get the correct equipment, then its not a problem. SGI has you covered. It only takes about $20 get get good filtration that can handle dirt, oil, and water. For Air filtration we suggest our Portable refillable desiccant unit under $20.00 off the tank and then a $4.00 disposable unit on the gun. This is a great setup. We have a complete section of larger filter units if you want something more substantial. Please look at the filter section at .

QuestionWhat nozzle sizes do you recommend. I only find 1.0 mini guns or 1.4 large gun at my local hardware store?

For your gun we recommend a mini spray gun. Typically for booths we recommend a .8mm tip size for base and a 1.0 or 1.2 for clear. For mobile painters however we recommend a 1.0 for base and a 1.2 - 1.5 for clear coating. This allows you to get more material down on the car with less overspray. For full sized guns a 1.4 is a good size BUT we do not recommend HVLP guns for full size painters. See Below for more on full size options.

QuestionDoesn't the larger tip sizes atomize less and produce more orange peel?

AnswerYes, unless you have a very well designed and manufactured spray gun like the ones found at We have the best mini spray guns in the world and offer them to you at warehouse direct prices. All mechanics know, excellent tools produce excellent results.


Great, what mini guns do you recommend.

Our top recommendation is the Asturo WB Mini Case. It simply has everything you could ever want, multiple tip sets, All stainless steel for both water and solvent base, multiple configuration options, repair kit, the only mini regulator on the market and a case. SGI is proud to provide this to you at a great price. The design is the newer wide fan pattern mini spray guns and compares to the $400 german gun. SGI can give its top recommendation because these units come in at less than half the price. It is our Top Choice.

Mini WB 3OZ All Stainless Steel


We have another great lower priced Kit in the CAT and the Sharpe Finex Line. If you are on a budget these are great units.

We also carry the Asturo WB Mini and Iwata Mini Guns when price is no object. Please Email for a price quote.
- m-f 10-2pm PST.

QuestionWhat full size guns do you recommend

Full size HVLP guns usually require a larger compressor and produce a lot of overspray. SGI therefore recommends that you use an LVLP spray gun. They produce an excellent finish while using LVLP technology. LVLP technology produces among the lowest oversrpay levels on the market. The lower overspray levels can be as much as 10% over HVLP spray guns. They are good for mobile painters. We have the Astro Pneumatic EVO LVLP Spray guns for under $100.00, the USA Sharpe Razor for around $300.00 and the top of the line Japanese Iwata 300 and 400 series when only the best will do.

lvlp spray guns
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