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Fly Speck?

The Antique Look

Specialty Gun Designed for splatter effects and speckle. Gun may be converted to conventional spray if required.

Flyspecking is the random spattering of furniture with tiny drops of paint. The effect is of aged and worn wood. Some very expensive furniture is flyspecked, but this technique can be especially effective in finishing inexpensive pieces to make them look more expensive. Flyspecking isn't really deceptive in creating a antique look, but it can be attractive if it is done with the right materials and technique and modern consumers like the clean look of specially crafted projects. Going over with a thin dull clear produces a nice effect. More even Fly Specking no surprises.
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Add a pressure pot for complete outfit.

pantherpressure pot
See the Fly Spec Gun Complete with Hi-Pressure Pot



Flyspecking can be used over an entire surface or to accentuate edges and corners. Apply the specks in any density desired, working evenly over the surface. Use only tiny spatters of paint or shellac; to speck an area more heavily, use repeated spatters. Let the flyspecked piece dry completely.