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Fleet Truck & Buses
14"-16" Fans with great atomization and a smooth finish. Fast working speed.
We know what you want - A Mercedes Finish on your truck or bus, very fast!

This is thick waterbased adhesive example but we use it here so you can compare a standard spray gun with a 10"-12" fan pattern and see an industrial 16" fan pattern - fast and wet!


See Also AAA


pantherpressure potcat
SGI SuggestionsMany fleet painters evolved from automotive painting and use gravity feed spray guns. While you can use a gravity feed spray gun for spot repair, we recommend pressure pots for both speed and larger paint capacity.

Here are a few guns we like for a few reasons. At SGI we look for speed, finish quality, and gun longevity.

It assumes you have a professional grade compressor that can deliver at least 10CFM.

HVLP Guns are all the rage, however for speed and finish quality we recommend reduced pressure guns, also known as hi-tech, transtech, plus etc. They are approved in HVLP areas in most states. Good industrial HVLP guns would be a second choice. We also offer the alternative of AAA or air assisted airless. You can get a tremendous finish at 100% speed increase. AAA can be used for fast production facilities.

Pressure Feed
(Email for Gravity Feed Guns)


cat slp Going HVLP
Lifetime warranty
USA All Stainless Steel - Inexepnsive parts
The finest USA HVLP on the market
1.2-1.4 tip set

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Reduced Pressure Hi-Tech
Gun in the example.

Rugged "last forever" drop forged construction - 14"-16" fan pattern and energy efficient. Save both material costs and energy costs with these energy efficient spray guns.
1.2-1.4 Hi-tech
Europe (Go green!)


cat slp

DeVilibss COMPACT industrial line
Both HVLP and Reduced Pressure Transtech
(we recommend transtech but HVLP is also good. This is also a top choice for gravity feed. We are one of the only places that have the transtech gravity feed spraygun.)
1.2-1.3 transtech tip set
1.2-1.4 HVLP tip set