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There many ways to paint canvas or paintings. You should choose a art specific paint like Glamour II at These have specific UV protections and will not harm the paint under the top coat. You are in control of your coatings. you can spray thin and matte to thick and glossy. You can also add brush marks by going over the finish with a fine brush after application. Products like Glamour II have a 40 minute leveling time. Please keep your products and area as dust free as possible to prevent contamination. We like Liquitex for clarity and leveling but all are great paints used by professionals.

There are two types of clears used on paintings and photos. Typically the thinner are used for photos and the thicker for artwork:

We suggest a 1.2 - 1.4 tip set gravity feed for thinner coatings (pressure feed use a .8 tip set)
and 1.5-1.8 for thicker coatings (pressure Feed 1.3-1.4). This is a general recommendation and you should make sure the viscosity of the product you are using is watery. If it is a thicker formulation, use the larger tip sets. Use the liners systems to spray straight down, but since the cups are tilted a little the gun will work without a liner in most instances spraying downward.

GRAVITY FEED: Here is our top recommendation. You can get 2 tip sets to cover all thick and thin products WB  Asturo gun: For small paintings use an LVLP spray gun like the Best Value Astro EVO

For those who spare no expense we also have the GERMAN best gun OPTIMA.

For larger paintings greater than 4 feet - use an HVLP or (Reduced Pressure) gun the WB  Asturo gun Extreme Version (we like this gun becuase it comes with 2 tips for all types of clears, and also BOTH LVLP & HTE Technologies i.e. the gun converts back and forth with an aircap change . But we also carry great guns like the Devilbiss, Optima - the best German Spray Guns or Iwata W Series or CAT.


"Everything is great  I ordered the...HVLP WB  Asturo gun. The 1.8 tip works best for the Breathing Color Galmour 2 (Protective coating for fine art canvas digital prints)  This gun gives me a perfect spray pattern with a substantial reduction of "fog". There is a lot less air blowing around while still getting a nice wet coating. --- perfect.. Thank You very much for the personal guidance in selecting this product. " - Customer




We also have a wide selection of quality tools for the Professional and Serious Hobbist at

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